Saturday, 2 January 2016

Hundreds of bear feet found in timber yard

Russian police and customs made a gruesome find on Monday 21st December when they found a large number of sacks in a railway car at a wood processing plant. With no paperwork to account for the sacks the customs officials began to search them. Inside they found hundreds of bear feet packed and ready to transport.

Criminal investigators of the Division of the Russian MIA for the Chuguyevsky District found a large batch of parts of wild animals prepared for smuggling abroad. Inside the 37 bags the officers found:
527 bear feet
a bear muzzle (nose, mouth and lower jaw)
bear gall bladders
musk deer glands.

The bear parts have now been sent to labs for testing and investigation. It is thought the consignment of bear parts was destined to be shipped to south east Asia and in particular China and Vietnam.

The gall bladders from the bears are used in traditional Chinese medicine and the bear paws are a high end delicacy in Asia where they are made into a soup.

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