Thursday, 28 July 2016

North Korea accuses Seoul of 'cunning plot' to release snakes over border

 Soldiers sceptical after unseasonably high numbers of reptiles lead Pyongyang to suspect South Korean infiltration

Kang Mi-jin for DK News, part of the North Korea network
Wednesday 27 July 201606.00 BST

North Korean border patrol guards have been ordered to capture snakes apparently released by South Korea to wreak havoc in its northern neighbour, sources have claimed.

Pyongyang is said to have told the military that Seoul’s spy agency is behind the unseasonably high number of snakes in Ryanggang province, which borders China.

“Earlier this month, border patrol units received orders to capture snakes before they crawl over the banks of the Yalu River,” said a source in the province.

He added that the core message from Pyongyang was that South Korea’s National Intelligence Service was using the reptiles “as part of a ‘cunning scheme’ to challenge our unity”. Multiple sources in Ryanggang province are said to have corroborated these claims.

But not all soldiers are convinced of the plot. “Some grumble about the nature of the state’s claims. They point out that not even a three-year-old would believe the South would attack us with snakes over [anti-regime] propaganda leaflets or CDs,” said the source.

Despite the skepticism, North Korea’s Ministry of People’s Security and other public agencies are reportedly urging residents to stay alert to the danger of snakes at all times. In some areas, there have been rumours of people dying from snake bites.

According to the source, Pyongyang’s claims of an attack from outside forces could be an attempt to “psychologically arm the people during the 200-day battle”, one of Kim Jong-un’s so-called speed campaigns to boost the economy.

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