Friday, 20 July 2012

Dumpling squid slowed down by sex

Promiscuous dumpling squid take 30 minutes to return to normal swimming speed after mating, say scientists.
The short-lived cephalopods, named for their rotund shape, are known to mate with as many partners as possible.
Researchers studying this behaviour found that swimming endurance was halved after mating for both sexes.
They described mating as "costly" for the squid because it reduced the energy available for avoiding predators and feeding.
The study of wild-caught squid is published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.
"The squid mate for up to three hours and the male must physically restrain the female during this time," said researcher Amanda Franklin from the University of Melbourne, Australia.
"It was exciting for us to show that this affects their physical abilities after mating because this has not been shown before."
Dumpling squid (Euprymna tasmanica) are members of the bobtail squid family and found along the southern coast of Australia.

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