Thursday, 7 February 2013

What a Reindeer Looks Like Without His Antlers

OurAmazingPlanet Staff
Date: 01 February 2013 Time: 03:23 PM ET

Each year after the breeding season ends, male reindeer shed their impressive, branching antlers that they grow. Lenni, the six-year-old European forest reindeer at Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park, shed quite a set of antlers this year.

Lenni's antlers weighed in at a combined 23 pounds (10.5 kilograms), about the same as a 1-year-old child, the park noted in a release. Each antler was 37 inches (94 centimeters) tall and 31.5 inches (80 cm) wide.

"The shed antlers are quite striking and are the largest ones from the three males in the Park this year," said Douglas Richardson, the park's animal collection manager.

Trainee hoofstock keeper Marc Enderby holds up the antlers shed by male reindeer Lenni at Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park.

CREDIT: Edinburgh Zoo 

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