Saturday, 12 October 2013

Couple flee new home infested with venomous green-fanged spiders

By Jaymi McCann/Published 8th October 2013

A COUPLE have fled their new home after finding it infested with potentially fatal venomous spiders.

Newlyweds John and Jade Meyers found green-fanged tube web spiders in every room of their house.

More than 50 nests of the spider – segestria florentina – in the walls of their Eastleigh home, reported The Sun.

Their bite is very painful and can be potentially fatal.

John told The Sun: “I heard my wife let out an almighty scream and went running to see what was wrong.

“The spider was huge, jet black and with massive shimmery green fangs.”

John,29 and Jane, 26, moved into their marital home last month but saw their first spider within days.

They decided to move into a friends house when a spider ran out of a sofa Jade was sitting on.

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