Saturday, 15 February 2014

100 rhinos to be relocated from South Africa to Botswana

February 2014: Next year, in 2015, up to 100 rhinos will be moved from South Africa across the border to the relatively safer Botswana to escape the risk of poachers in a project being led by two conservation companies, Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond.

It is expected the project will cost USD8 million but with over 1,000 rhino poached last year in South Africa efforts such as this could not be more necessary.

The process of translocation means the rhino are captured and micro chipped for research purposes and then released into the safety of Botswana where security measures are better equipped to protect these increasingly endangered animals. A dedicated anti-poaching team will also be on hand to work together with the Botswana Government agencies to monitor the animals.

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