Thursday, 1 October 2015

Global swarming: invasion of the daddy long-legs on the way thanks to Britain's warmer weather

The world's most stupidest creatures are set to invade British homes as chilly nights leave them looking for shelter

9:49AM BST 01 Oct 2015

They are perhaps the world's stupidest creatures - they blunder around breaking their legs and they're perfectly happy to dance around a flame.

Yet it may send a shiver down your spine to hear that experts predict an explosion in the number of crane flies this month.

The insects, Tipula paludosa, better known as the daddy-long-legs, have been emerging earlier than usual because of recent warm weather.

And, as the nights get colder, they are expected to start invade homes looking for shelter.

Entomologist Barry Warrington, from Hull, said: "It is definitely a bumper year this year, simply due to the nice weather.

"It has not been as cold, there is a lot more for them to prey on.

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