Friday, 5 February 2016

Driver 'deliberately' mows down 17 kangaroos in Australia

The RSPCA has appealed for help in finding a driver who deliberately ran down seventeen kangaroos along a 330-foot stretch of road in Brisbane

By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney
11:34AM GMT 01 Feb 2016

Authorities in Australia are searching for a driver who ran down and killed 17 kangaroos along a stretch of road where the creatures are known to feed at night.

The carcasses were found along a 330-foot stretch of road on the outskirts of Brisbane. Sixteen were dead but one was still alive and had to be killed.

"You can quite clearly see the tyre tracks where they've gone off the road to hit them"

"They've definitely been deliberately run over,” said Michael Beatty, a spokesman for the RSPCA. “You can quite clearly see the tyre tracks where they've gone off the road to hit them."

The RSPCA, which has the power to investigate and to initiate prosecutions, is investigating the slaughter and is appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

“You can clearly see the tyre marks where the person has driven from the left side of the road to the embankment on the road and killed five or six [kangaroos] and then done the same thing 30 yards later.”

The area is known for its large kangaroo population – estimated at about 3,000. At night, the kangaroos tend to feed on the rich grass along the sides of the road, which connects a men’s and women’s prison.

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