Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wildlife miracle as villagers SAVE stranded blue whale

DESPERATE whale rescuers have pulled off a miracle by saving the largest creature that ever lived from perishing on a beach.

PUBLISHED: 16:48, Thu, Feb 4, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:58, Thu, Feb 4, 2016

Over nine tense hours villagers fought to heave the 40 ft blue whale back into the seas as its life ebbed with the tide.

As the waves rippled over the young whale’s body, the men waded up to their chests to give the dying sea mammal a chance of survival with their herculean efforts.

Miraculously, when all looked lost, a rope was tied around the 25-ton whale and it was slowly hauled back to deeper water off India’s Arabian Sea coastline by two fishing trawlers.

Even then, there was more drama as the rope twice snapped before, at the third attempt, the whale was finally towed to safety.

The 25-ton whale was hauled back to deeper water off India’s Arabian Sea coastline

The rescue is believed to be the first time that a blue whale, the largest creature that has ever existed, has been saved after beaching.

Its plight is the latest in an incredible spate of whale strandings in both the North Sea and the Arabian Sea.

There seems to be nothing to connect the phenomena, but zoologists are becoming increasingly concerned over whether man-made impacts are driving the whales closer to dangerous shallow waters.
The blue whale rescue was carried out on Dapoli Beach in India’s Ratnagiri district, 250 miles south of Mumbai this week.

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