Thursday, 25 February 2016

World's loneliest chimp' hugs conservation worker after spending years in isolation

Ponso's mate and their young died in 2013, and he has been alone in an island off the Ivory Coast ever since

2:10PM GMT 18 Feb 2016

Ponso the chimp spent nearly three years in isolation on an island with no other chimpanzees after the death of his mate and their young in 2013.

For years, he only had occasional contact from a nearby villager named Germain, who visited sometimes to bring bananas and bread - the chimp's only source of food on the tiny island

He was cheered up this month when he made a new friend - Estelle Raballand.

Ms. Raballand is the Managing Director at the Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzes.

When she met the primate, he responded by grinning from ear-to-ear and giving her a hug - evidently overjoyed at having someone new to spend time with.

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