Monday, 17 December 2012

Millions of camera-trap images reveal Serengeti life

Scientists are using millions of images of Africa's elusive animals to find out how they co-exist in the Serengeti.

Hundreds of camera traps were set up across Serengeti National Park in one of the world's largest camera surveys.

The project, called Snapshot Serengeti, invites the public to collaborate with scientists to identify the animals via an interactive website.

The team says classifying the huge number of images will allow them to build a unique picture of wildlife.

"The idea is that if we can say what's in [the pictures] and what the animals are doing then we can get the true picture of what... life on the Serengeti is like," said Dr Chris Lintott from the University of Oxford who specialises in citizen science.

The scientists are calling on members of the public to help them via the interactive website Snapshot Serengeti, launched this week.

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