Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jersey's Durrell wildlife park says orangutans are pregnant

Two of the Sumatran orangutans at Jersey's wildlife park are expecting babies this spring.
Keepers at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust said 30-year-old Anette is due to give birth in April, and 25-year-old Dana is due in May.

A spokesman for the ape keepers said both babies had been fathered by 27-year-old Dagu.
He said the pregnancies were a sign both the orangutans were happy and healthy.

Gordon Hunt, deputy head of mammals at Durrell, said: "Our six orangutans, hopefully soon to become eight, are a vital genetic reserve and powerful ambassadors for their wild cousins, whom most people will never see, but can have a huge impact upon their future.

"We have an excellent orangutan enclosure and consequent breeding success... these births will be very important."

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