Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Brutal attack on rhino calf in South Africa by poachers stuns rescue staff

Orphaned calf was slashed with a panga

January 2013. The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) Rhino Orphan Response Project, in partnership with the Rhino Orphanage, was called on to assist in the rescue of a horrifically injured, two month old rhino orphan.

Said Karen Trendler, co-ordinator of the EWT's Rhino Orphan Response Project: "We found the calf in a terrible condition. The poor baby had obviously tried to return to its mother while the poachers were removing her horn and they slashed at her face with a panga and an axe repeatedly in order to chase her away."

18 lacerations
The calf survived the brutal attack and has 18 very deep lacerations across her face, one which cuts right through her stump and the other through her skull.

"It has been three days since we rescued her and she is doing remarkably well. She is still in a great deal of pain and we are monitoring her progress very carefully but we hope that she will make a full recovery. This is unfortunately not an isolated occurrence of baffling cruelty by poachers - we have seen many such incidences in the work we are doing with the orphans and victims of rhino poaching," continued Trendler.

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