Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rattlesnake Roundups – Barbaric ‘entertainment’

Time to stop these barbaric events
January 2013. Rattlesnake roundups are undeniably cruel events. Each year, thousands of rattlesnakes are captured, abused, and killed for entertainment. Roundups began as snake control for farmers, but have evolved into tasteless public spectacles. Help shut them down.
Collectors from Texas to Pennsylvania pull rattlesnakes from their dens using poles tipped with fishhooks or spray gasoline or other toxins into the dens, poisoning local endangered and threatened wildlife.

Barbaric ‘entertainment'
Carted to roundups without food or water in dirty, cramped conditions, snakes arrive starved, dehydrated, or crushed. The survivors are used in exhibitions and daredevil acts, and some are decapitated and served up as exotic meat.

Sign a petition
The Centre for Biological Diversity is running a petition calling for an end to these barbaric events. Please follow this link to sign the petition.

People at these spectacles risk snake bites and consuming Salmonella along with their rattlesnake meat. Rattlesnake roundups are bad for snakes, the environment, and people. Find out if there is one near you.

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