Friday, 4 July 2014

US government releases a report on the future of wild bison in America

The bison remains a cultural icon although numbers dwindled dramatically in the 19th century

The US Department of the Interior recently issued a natural resource paper entitled DOI Bison Report: Looking Forward, in which it advocated collaboration between all interested parties as the future to promoting the healthy survival of wild herds of the iconic American animal.

The report said: “While bison are no longer threatened by extinction, substantial work remains to more fully restore the species to its ecological and cultural role on appropriate landscapes.

“Looking forward from this overview report, DOI proposes that innovative collaboration amongst tribes, states, landowners, conservation groups, commercial bison producers, agricultural interests and others interested in bison, will be crucial to build partnerships amidst larger landscapes suitable for ranging bison, while concurrently generating and maintaining sustainable local and regional economies and communities.”

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