Thursday, 11 December 2014

Large number of Grey Seals found dead or stranded in Cornwall

Grey seals are mysteriously coming to grief around Cornwall's coasts

Unprecedented numbers of dead Grey Seals have been found stranded on Cornish beaches and wildlife experts are at a loss to explain what is happening.

Leading local wildlife charity Cornwall Wildlife Trust has attended almost twice as many strandings of seals as they would normally expect for this time of year.

Throughout October and November 35 dead seals have washed up along the coastline, and over the same period a further 37 seals have been rescued alive from Cornish beaches by British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

The Marine Strandings Network coordinates the investigation and recording of all dead stranded animals in Cornwall. 

Volunteers are sent to each animal in order to gather data about the individual, as well as the state of our marine environment, including incidents of pollution, entanglement in storm-damaged or discarded net, evidence of bycatch, and disease.

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