Tuesday, 9 August 2016

90-year-old tortoise rescued from rubbish tip after 2.5 hour hunt through 1,000 bin bags

Zuma the 90 year-old tortoise is back home in London after a trip to the rubbish tip

Sarah Knapton 9 AUGUST 2016 • 3:17PM

A pet owner was forced to rifle through 1,000 bags of rubbish when her 90-year-old tortoise hitched a lift in a bin lorry and ended up at the local tip.

Sarah Joiner contacted Westminster Council after releasing Zuma was missing from his home in Central London, believing he had crawled into a rubbish bag.

Using satellite tracking, the council tracked down the refuse lorry to a waste treatment facility operated by Veolia.

Luckily for Zuma the collection vehicle, carrying 10 tonnes of waste, had not yet tipped its waste into the massive storage bunker which processes thousands of tonnes of waste.
Ms Joiner spent two and half hours looking for Zuma

After dressing in protective clothing, Mrs Joiner and staff used a thermal imaging camera to hunt for the lost tortoise amid 1,000 bags of rubbish. He was eventually found amid a pile of lettuce leaves and plucked to safety.

Mrs Joiner, 56, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, said: “Thank you is never going to be enough. It was amazing teamwork; there was no nonsense about it just enormous good will in finding him.”

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