Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dolphin leaps into boat, injuring woman in California

A Californian man has described the extraordinary moment when a dolphin jumped into his boat, crashed into his wife and broke both of her ankles.

He and his family were watching a pod of dolphins when one of them suddenly leapt aboard, says the OC Register.

Dirk Frickman described scenes of chaos when the dolphin knocked him over and landed on his wife's legs.

He said he managed to keep the animal alive by splashing it with water until he steered the vessel back to shore.

"I was letting go of the wheel every 30 seconds to a minute and slowing down and pouring water on her," Mr Frickman told the Californian news site.

The dolphin was bleeding from several cuts on its tail and nose, which it received as a result of the unexpected jump. Photos provided by Dirk Frickman to the media show the dolphin lying inside his blood-splattered boat.

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