Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Deformed calf not caused by man

A deformed calf that faintly matched human or baboon features and sparked rumours of bestiality has been put to rest.

Farmers of farm Neuland in the Erwe district were visited by veterinary officials stationed at Kamanjab to explain to them why the calf resembled a human or a baboon, after tests had been done on the calf.

“We got a visit from the Kamanjab veterinary office and we were told that the calf did not have any trace of human blood, nor did any of the farmers have intercourse of some kind with the cow,” a farmer said.

According to the farmer, the veterinary officials told them that the calf was not fully formed and was still in the process of developing, and that the bull that bred with the cow of the deformed calf probably had a low sperm count.

“We knew that there is a bull with one testicle at the farm, but we did not think of it when the calf was born. The officials told us that it must be the bull because he has one testicle and is very old. They also told us those types of deformed calved are sometimes caused by medicine used to prevent cattle from picking up certain diseases. But in this case the officials confirmed the bull was responsible for the deformed calf.”

She added that though they were shocked by the birth of the calf, the farmers are happy that no man was involved.

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