Monday, 5 August 2013

Has the legendary chupacabra turned up in Belarus? Local vets baffled by mystery animal that farmers killed after it attacked their cows

  • Terrified locals say mystery surrounds creature, which had attacked cattle
  • Vet is at a loss to explain the animal - and has vowed to burn it
  • Could it be the Chupacabra of Latin American legend? 

A mysterious beast that has been attacking cattle has been killed on a farm in Belarus, baffling people living nearby and the local vet with its bizarre appearance.

This freakish monstrosity, which some cynics might say looks a lot like a normal woodland animal, had been attacking cows and calves by savagely biting their feet, drawing parallels to the Chupacabra of Latin American legend.

The vet is at a loss as to what the creature is, claiming two similar creatures have been spotted in the region, but they both managed to evade their pursuers by melting into the forests like supernatural beings. Or small woodland animals, which the body closely resembles.

The region's hunters are also at a loss. Some of them believe it is a mutant amalgam of a number of species because it resembles a hyena, has the features of a fox, a raccoon and a dog, reports English Russia.

The vet described it as a 'sensation' and vowed to burn the corpse of the killed animal. Presumably in case it comes back to life.

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