Friday, 9 August 2013

This Kitten Could Change The World. No Bigs.

Happy National Cat Day! We're smitten by this kitten. She's no piano-playing YouTube star, nor is her father Karl Lagerfeld (hello, Choupette). She does, however, appear cute and cuddly; but looks can be deceiving – she’s a wild one. The wildcat kitten, whose species is one of Britain’s rarest mammals, is being hand-raised at the Wildwood conservation center in England. 

And according to keeper Sally Barnes, she’s already one fierce feline: "Our kitten has already got four teeth that can give quite a nip, her claws are well formed and she is already proving quite a handful.”

We’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the too-cute-to-be-real (or wild) pictures of the kitty, but conservationists have more of a reason to be excited. According to Wildwood Trust Chief Executive Peter Smith, the park’s extinction specialists are collaborating with scientists to develop genetic tests that will be able to identify purebred wildcats so extinction can hopefully come to a halt. 

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