Sunday, 12 April 2015

A love of elephants is not enough for film funders

The much-vaunted film of Richard Leakey that is set to be made by Angelina Jolie may not get off the ground. One of the major funders has decided that the love of elephants is not enough to make the film a success and the film should become a love story.

Film funders Skydance Productions are said to have had a disagreement with Angelina Jolie over the main theme of the movie Africa. Jolie wants the movie to focus on the battle with the poachers that Leakey undertook during the 1980’s while the movie funders wanted the movie to be a romantic love story.

The result is that Skydance Productions have cut the amount of money to the film from 50% to 25% of the cost. Skydance Productions have disputed that they have cut the funding. They said that they were never going to back the film to 50% of the cost and that their funding was always going to be no more than 25% or the equivalent of the amount that Paramount Pictures were going to put in.

It seems that Brad Pitt fighting poachers just is not thought to be financially successful for funders.

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