Tuesday, 7 April 2015

UK Border Force wildlife seizures 2014

The UK Border Force has released the details of wildlife seizures under the CITES treaty for 2014. Attempted imports of traditional oriental medicines made up the bulk of the seizures with over 424,000 items of medicine containing derivatives of endangered species being seized. Over 1200 live animals or birds were also seized during 2014.

Initially 2014 looked to be a good year for lack of coral importing with just 10kg of coral being seized up to the final quarter. But during Q4 consignments of coral totalling over 850kg were seized. Over 70 items of ivory were seized during the year.

The Border Force figures for 2014 were:

Quarter 1:
Number of live coral and coral derivatives: 91 items and weighing a total of 10kg.
Number of ivory and products: 4 items and weighing a total of 37kg.
Number of live animals or birds: 523 individuals seized.
Number of live plants: 3 plants seized.
Number of animal or birds parts and derivatives: 1,779 items seized.
Number of plant derivatives seized: 290 items seized.
Number of timber products: a total of 1,912kg seized
Number of oriental medicine products: 42,417 items.

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