Thursday, 2 April 2015

UK makes another mockery of CITES trade agreement

The day after a court laughed at the seriousness of trading in endangered tiger parts by issuing a community service order to a tiger parts trader the police in the UK have joined in the mockery by giving a caution to an elephant feet trader.

A 47-year-old man from the Waltham Forest area has been given a police caution for trying to auction some stuffed elephant feet on Ebay. The police have not released the name and address of the offender.

The feet are now with the Wildlife Crime Unit and will be used as part of the unit’s educational learning program.

The decision to not even charge and prosecute the trader together with yesterday’s sentence demonstrates that officials in the UK have no interest in protecting endangered species and that authorities are just making a mockery of CITES regulations that are trying to protect endangered species from extinction.

The evidence is becoming clearer by the day – the British government is happy to take flights around the world telling other countries how they need to be boosting their efforts to combat the illegal trade in wildlife while at the same time laughing at offenders and letting them off at home in the UK.

It is quite clear that the next government will have a major take to undertake by getting the legal system in the UK to recognise that illegal wildlife trading is an industry that is not just putting some of the most iconic wildlife at risk but is also funding terrorism and murder around the world.

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