Sunday, 3 June 2012

Minke whales off Hastings & Striped dolphin off Plymouth including video

Sightings astound whale and dolphin watchers off Southern England
June 2012. Two extraordinary sightings have been recorded off the southern coast of England during May - astonishing researchers at the marine research and conservation charity Sea Watch.
Striped dolphin
First , an unusual dolphin was seen leaping off Penlee Point, Plymouth, by the sail training organisation Morvargh Sailing Project and has since been positively identified by the marine research charity Sea Watch as a striped dolphin - one of very few live sightings in recent years.
5 Minke whales off Hastings
And then, on May 29, Tim Macpherson, of Catsfield, near Bexhill on Sea, was out sea angling with friends two miles off Hastings when they were amazed to find 5 large whales near their boat. They sent pictures and video to Sea Watch which has confirmed that they were Minke whales - a species not recently recorded in the area.
The confirmations brings to 11 the number of different species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises seen off the UK coast during May alone. Sea Watch is the holder of the largest data base of whales, dolphins and porpoises in Europe.
Sea Watch Sighting officer Danielle Gibas says "We have seen an incredible diversity of species during May around the UK coast. Recorded sightings such as these are helping us to understand different species trends over the years - their distribution, and the health of populations. We are always delighted to hear sightings, and to help identify what has been seen. People can contact us as or call 01545 561227,"

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