Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Photos of Upright Hairy Creature Released

David Mizejewski 

I've been meaning to post about this for a few weeks, so this is not new news but still worth sharing, especially for all you Finding Bigfoot fans out there.
For a while now I've been hearing about a set of photos that were taken on the Arapaho tribal lands in Oklahoma back in 2000 that show what looks to be an upright, bipedal, human-like figure in the brushy vegetation.
Except the figure is covered what looks to be dark fur.
The photos have recently been released on the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy's (TBRC) website and I've gotten permission to repost them here.
From the TBRC's website:
"In November 2000 Russell Lumpmouth, a member of the Arapaho tribe, took two photographs that appear to feature a sasquatch-like figure. According to his account, he and several co-workers were cleaning up after an outdoor tribal function. His supervisor walked over a short distance from their vehicles to pose for a picture with a piece of litter seen lying on the ground. Lumpmouth followed with a borrowed digital camera. As he looked through the viewfinder and took the picture, he noted the appearance of a dark object in the background, visible through gaps in the foliage that aligned from his position. Advancing a step or two out of curiosity, he took a second picture as the subject turned and departed. The men did not initiate a pursuit." 

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