Saturday, 2 June 2012

Remarkable camera trap photos of jaguars & other cats taken on Colombia ranch

Jaguars, ocelot, jaguarundi & puma all spotted - Scroll down or click here to see the images

May 2012. Reserva Natural La Aurora is nature reserve is located in Colombia 400 kms to the east of Bogota, in the department of Casanare. The 9000 hectare reserve has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius. Annually there is a 6 month long dry season, and a 6 month wet.


Mixed use - Ranching and conservation
Wildlife conservation has been conducted hand in hand with ranching here for many years, maintaining a balance of livestock and wildlife. These ranching methods were inherited from the Jesuits of the seventeenth century.
Wide variety of birds & wildlife
A wide variety of native and migrant birds of the Orinoco basin can be found here, as well as mammals such as the capybara (the world's largest rodent), and cats such as puma, jaguar, ocelot and jaguarundi. Reptiles such as iguanas and huge anacondas (5 to 7 m in length) are abundant too.
Declared as a nature reserve
As an initiative of the owners, and with the approval of the ministry of environment and regional conservation bodies, the Hato La Aurora ranch has been declared as a ‘Civil Nature Reserve' (which means that this area is an important hotspot for conservation but the government does not own it, and it can only be protected if the owner voluntarily agree to turn this property into a nature reserve).
The cameratrap pictures have helped to identify the population of cats in the reserve. As part of the conservation initiative, an eco-tourism project is now running within the nature reserve, and a new eco-lodge providing accommodation and activities on the ranch is now up and running - See more at Juan Solito Eco-lodge.

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