Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Seal seen swimming in Cooks River

IT’S as rare as seeing the Loch Ness monster, but a seal has been sighted in the Cooks River.
Nigel Everest spotted this furry fella trying to catch a fish near the mouth of the river at the Kyeemagh boat ramp last Sunday.
“First all I saw was a hump come out of the water and I assumed it was a dolphin, then thought it may be a whale,” he said.
“Then I saw a fin and thought it was a very odd fin. Next I saw a tail flipper and I realised what it was.”
Mr Everest watched the fur seal for 45 minutes as it hovered around boats trying to catch fish.
Co-ordinator of marina fauna programs for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Geoff Ross said it was rare for seals to be spotted in the river but they were becoming more common around Sydney.
“We’re seeing more fur seals on the coast than ever before, more of those in Botany Bay and Sydney Harbour than in the recent past,” he said.
If a seal is on shore, Mr Ross recommends staying 40m away from adult seals and 80m away from pups.

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